Water conservation is more important than ever during a drought. Even minor changes to

your habits can make a significant difference when it comes to saving our most precious resource.

  • Fixing a leaking faucet will save 1 gallon per day, or 365 gallons during a year.
  • Waiting to run a dishwasher until it is full can result in one less cycle each week, saving 728
  • gallons each year.
  • Reducing shower time by one minute saves 2.5 gallons a day, or 912.5 gallons each year.
  • Watering your lawn one less minute each cycle will save 8 gallons per week, or 2,920
  • gallons each year.
  • Cleaning your car at a car wash instead of at home will save 88 gallons per wash, or 4,576
  • gallons a year if you clean your car once a week.
  • Washing laundry one less cycle per week can save 6,935 gallons per year.
  • Fixing a leaking toilet can save 200 gallons per day, or 73,000 gallons per year.

Add up all those steps, and you could conserve nearly 90,000 gallons in a year, which is equal to 960,000 12-ounce glasses of water!